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Luxury villas for sale in Umbria and Tuscany

Homes keep memories of our life, telling our story and suggesting new ideas for the future.

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We work together as a passionate group of people with love to design

During the design phase, we work to ensure individual elements, such as tree-houses, are perfectly integrated with the environment. We believe in close contact with nature, and with this in mind we create spaces where you can live in complete harmony with the surroundings.

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You stay in Umbria

Small region of central Italy that represents the heart of the Peninsula. Characterized by gentle green hills, towns, and settlements, rich in history and in traditions, it was inhabited in ancient times by the Umbri and the Etruscans, and afterward it became a part of the Roman Empire. Attractive holiday destination, appreciated for its landscapes and the warming sunsets of Trasimeno Lake, and for its rich in history towns, it is the right haven where to find peace and culture. Come to visit the properties that overlook these marvellous skylines.

You stay in Tuscany

The name of the region comes from the Latin defining the land inhabited by the Etruscans. All the Tuscany artistic beauties reminds not only to the glorious past of the region, but also to the stories and events that made it the cradle of Italian civilization and culture. In this region, nature offers different landscapes, gentle hills where stand out Medieval towns and towers, charming Abbeys that rise on the panoramas of Crete Senesi, Val d'Orcia, Garfagnana, Chianti and Maremma. Discover the available properties in this amazing land.